Byram Healthcare is a national leader in disposable medical supplies delivered directly to patient’s homes. Byram is also a full service provider of breast pumps. SoMe worked specifically with the Breast Pump Division.

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“We increased our brand awareness dramatically. We wanted new mothers to have had exposure to our brand in advance of being directed to multiple providers for breast pumps.”

Social Targeting Captures Attention for Byram Healthcare


More than 40 percent of business users on Facebook report that it is measurably impactful on business. SoMe recently created a targeted program for Byram Healthcare that achieved 98 percent total engagement within six months – growing an ever – active community within the company’s rather static consumer audience. After all, insurance and medical devices are a challenging B2B market as many consumers interact with these companies only under certain conditions.

Joe Valentine
Joe Valentine

“Facebook can be outstanding for business marketing if you’re looking for influence within one of its core demographics,” explains Joe Valentine, Digital Strategist at SoMe Connect. “It’s not a silver bullet, but it does provide a solid foundation on which to build a targeted program. In this case, targeting new mothers allowed us to use Facebook’s rich targeting profiles to get the right attention quickly.”

Byram was interested in getting new mothers within its membership to order a breast pump using their insurance. The company approached SoMe with this goal and within the first six months, they achieved an eight percent jump in breast pump orders.

But more importantly, explains Andrew Dahl, Product Manager, Ostomy/Breast Pumps at Byram Healthcare, “We increased our brand awareness dramatically. We wanted new mothers to have had exposure to our brand in advance of being directed to multiple providers for breast pumps. Or, better, to come to us first when they were ready to purchase. This awareness drove an increase in orders.”

SoMe created a content and ad-buying plan that appealed to new mothers with both timely and relevant information. Key to the success of the program was its strategy to generate valuable content such as articles helping readers learn: “How to Pump in the Car” and “Breastfeeding Full Menu, Day 1.” These blogs were promoted on its Facebook page and promoted via ads.

Throughout the first few months, SoMe generated more than 100 targeted and thoughtful blog articles. These were all used to engage on the website, via Facebook and in other forms of social media.  Well-performing content was also used in the online ad-buying campaign.

Dahl says SoMe did a lot of research up front including some valuable market research, “Knowing how the decisions were made, how the process worked was an important part of this being a successful campaign. A lot of the competition is very fragmented so this upfront research allowed us to stand above.”

Shah agrees that the results are very much in line with a successful B2B social and online ad campaign, “Good results are easy to achieve if you have a solid strategy and work toward specific goals. In this case, we were able to tap into what Facebook knows about new mothers and appeal to them. When they were looking for content, we put Byram in their conversations online and achieved the results they were looking for within a few months. They’ll be able to count on these results for some time.”

Overall, the program was designed to compound on its own success. The user community is responsible for ongoing growth. SoMe continues to generate content, and Byram buys online ads with precision and a definitive ROI.

Because of the success it has had with SoMe, Byram plans to continue expanding its online community, starting with blogger outreach.
Dahl says SoMe is working with other therapies at Byram and he expects to continue to work with them on targeting and user engagement in the future.

Byram has been a national leader in disposable medical supply delivery since 1968. Byram provides quality supplies, services and support, specializing in diabetes supplies, ostomy supplies, wound care supplies, Urology supplies, incontinence supplies and enteral nutrition products. In 2008, Byram was acquired by Mediq, an international retail and distribution company, as their platform for expansion into the United States marketplace. Byram Healthcare, a Mediq Direct Company, is more prepared than ever to tackle the challenging, changing healthcare landscape.  Byram Healthcare is here to deliver the products, services, and support needed to maximize clinical outcomes and manage complicated benefits. For more information, visit