Vantaggio HR began working with SoMe Connect in 2013. SoMe updated its website and put in motion a social and online marketing program that has increased its verified online leads from a handful each quarter to two or three a month.

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SoMe created its website and put in motion a social and online marketing program that has increased its verified online leads from a handful each quarter to two or three a month.

Focused Online Targeting Increases Leads for Vantaggio HR

Small and mid-sized companies make up 90 percent or more of the U.S.’s employers. According to the last census, companies with 500 employees or less accounted for 99.7 percent of those businesses, and businesses with less than 20 workers made up 89.6 percent.

For an HR firm targeting small to medium-sized companies in any industry, it seems like fishing in that big of a pond would be easy. However, with that big of an audience, it’s crucial to target and speak to only those companies willing and able to move through your sales cycle productively.

Keith Newsham
Keith Newsham

“When a company has such a huge target – literally most of the business in the US – we look at doing a few things to make their program successful.”

“First, we used technology (in this case the website) to centralize activity so that the Vantaggio team could focus on closing and doing what they do best. Second, we know SMBs want advice and solid content, so we thoughtfully incorporated this into our plan. Last, we set-up a marketing system designed to target prospects by size and concern,” explains Keith Newsham, Senior SEO Specialist at SoMe Connect.

SoMe’s upfront knowledge and work did not go unnoticed by Lynda Dickey, Director of Internal Operations at Vantaggio HR. “They really took the time upfront to learn about our business and what we needed to do to be successful. A lot of time was spent on their part trying to understand our challenges and goals. They explained the recommended strategies and online marketing concepts to us in terms that were easy to understand. This was tremendously helpful to us in educating our team and helping us become better at our own marketing activities.”

SoMe re-created Vantaggio HR’s website, has improved the company’s LinkedIn presence, handles its social media marketing, maps its keywords, does landing page optimization, authority-building and offsite SEO, and coordinates follow-up marketing like email blasts and other internal communication.

Shah explains, “We know studies show that the two biggest reasons most people – more than 70 percent — are on LinkedIn are to read industry news and to discover new ideas.”
Aside from great tactical execution and a deep knowledge of social media and online marketing, Vantaggio appreciates SoMe’s account management.
Dickey explains, “We’re client-driven. Our clients come first. The SoMe team understands that and has worked around our sometimes changing schedule to keep things moving. Our account person, Alexandra Kocoj, helps us stay prioritized and has jumped in to help on many occasions.”

A recent email blast project stands out as an example of how quick and responsive the team is, Dickey said. “We surprised Alexandra with the request in response to a last-minute event. She responded after-hours and got us a draft for review by the following day. I knew it was a long shot asking for copy and design in that short of a timeframe, but she got it done – copy and everything.” In addition to increasing the number of qualified leads coming through the website, SoMe’s work has also compounded upon itself and improved over time. Since 2013, the number of leads has increased 100 percent over the first year.

Leads since 2013

Dickey says she’d recommend SoMe Connect,” The work they do is key when you’re targeting a certain audience. They themselves are great to work with. i’d recommend them to anyone looking for help marketing online.”


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