Here’s a few of the industry leading Social Media Tools you Can’t be Without

If you’ve been plugging away with digital marketing and teaming up with a social media agency that’s helping you realize how worthwhile and intense it can be to succeed with these mediums, you’ve more than likely had at least some connection with some of the social media tools that can help. You need to build a platform that can be repeated and is scalable so you need to be careful about the tools you choose. Here’s a few of the ones we think are worth some attention.


Crystal has a few things going for it that are interesting. First off, it can help you make your emails more personable by analyzing public data to tell you more about how a person you’re communicating with behaves and how you should tailor your emails to them. The application developed here was put together at the Harvard Innovation Lab and this is cutting edge since it even predicts what the outcome of your relationship with that person will be like. There’s a two week trial and a version for Gmail that makes it attractive.

As a Chicago social media agency that’s dedicated to getting you to where you need to be, we like to stay on top of all the latest trends in social media marketing and tools that help everything run smoothly. Sometimes, you need to keep things simple to get the best results and that’s why we think Facebook has an interesting tool in Facebook Insights. There was a time not that long ago when the ROI for digital advertising was suspect to the point where bigger corporate types were thinking about pulling the plug on social media altogether.

It’s a good thing those times have changed and tools like Facebook Insights helped social media to turn the corner. This tool provides an excellent overview of the important metrics you need like the amount of click through traffic your shares generate and the comments your posts receive. This is excellent ammunition for the combined efforts of you and your social media agency when filtering through what works and what doesn’t.

A Quick Guide to Getting your Blog Up and Running

As a Chicago social media agency that has experience with a variety of clients , it’s important to us our valued patrons understand exactly how we can help them get to where they need to be. Of course we’re the social media agency that’s 100% dedicated to guiding you along the way and helping you to get there and that’s just one of the reasons we like to publish these how-to types of articles.


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know at least some of the wonderful things having your own blog can do for your business although there are still a lot of people who aren’t quite sure how to get one up and running or what to write once they build a blog. With all that said, here’s a quick primer for those of you who can benefit from one. Start by trying to decide if a blog is the best way for getting the message out on your goods and services. Working through a few of these questions to see where you stand will help.

– Do you like writing? When you consider blogging is predominantly about writing, you should ask yourself if this is something you’ll enjoy.
– Do you have self-discipline? While you don’t need to write something every day, the search engines like Google are more attracted to fresh content so daily writing is a good level to aim for.

Along with the platform (and WordPress is still in the lead for popularity and convenience) there are a few other things you need to consider when you’re ready to start blogging.

Overall theme is important since this is the way the digital world will classify your blog and be the first impression you provide before anyone even starts reading what you’ve written. As your social media agency of choice, we generally suggest you stick with one genre per blog. As a rule, people don’t want to read a variety of subjects in one place like political opinions, movie reviews or how to walk your dog. The exception of course is the instructional blog where a team of writers gets to tackle a variety of how to subjects. However, if you plan on making the content a solo act, you need to have a clearly defined focus for your blog.

Layout is important

Remember, how you present what you write is often as important as the content. Layout is essential for any blog because the average Internet reader is different and needs to have text presented to them in certain ways that appeal. Headers and sub headers are useful here and pictures are a great way to give the eyes a rest. Short paragraphs and bullet points are other great tools that help to hold reader interest.

Finally, keep in mind promoting that blog is best done by a social media agency that will take the time to get to know what techniques best suit your brand considering where you want your business to go. Why not get it touch with us so we can get started getting to know each other today?

Listen Up! Here’s a Moneyball Social Media Agency Angle you Might not Have Considered

Any new innovation in the business world that helps to increase your bottom line needs to adapt and grow just like the business itself. Our Chicago social media agency understands the importance of injecting a balanced approach into each and every one of the campaigns we work on with our valued clients and to that end, we think it’s critical for them to know about the things only social media can do for them.

So we’d like to suggest you start listening. That doesn’t necessarily mean just to us—although we are the social media agency that’s dedicated to making sure you get the listeningmost from the digital marketing world. What we’re talking about here is the ability social media gives you to listen to your customers in a way you never did before.


Target Demographic

When you start “listening” ( and of course in many instances this really means reading) to what your target demographic is saying on social media , you can make the changes that better suit them and they , in turn, start listening to and buying from you.

Fair enough, you might say, but how do I start that process after I’ve talked with a Chicago social media agency and started a campaign on some of the more popular platforms like Twitter? What are the mechanics of listening on social media?

Right Funnel

You can start by looking for the right funnel to narrow down the ocean of thoughts and opinions out there into a steady stream that’s coherent and useable. There’s quite a variety of tools that do an amazing number of different things and we’re the social media agency that can outfit you with the right one.

First things first, as they say, and you’ll need to start the process off by cataloguing the amount and types of content you’re putting out into the digital world of social media. Deciding which ones are doing best is often about taking the Moneyball analytics type approach and taking advantage of what vehicles like Twitter and Linkedin have to offer.

After that, you can start making a useful catalogue of the praise , referrals and even complaints that are centered around your brand and adjust accordingly.

Patience is a Virtue When you’re choosing a Chicago Social Media Agency

There’s no way you’re going to be successful with social media marketing if you think you can rush the results that will make a difference to your bottom line. There. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, we can start discussing how to put together a partnership with a social media agency that makes the most business sense. I use the word partnership here because it’s close in meaning to another word you’ll need to be familiar with when you enter the world of digital advertising, and that’s relationship.


No more hard sell ads and shouting at your clients with loud aggressive Calls To Action social media 3when you’re building a modern marketing template with tools like Twitter and Linkedin. Today’s prospects want a relationship with the people they’re buying from and that means, among other things, you need to understand and react to your target market over time and be constantly ready to change and tweak your efforts as your relationship with them grows.

The same needs to be true of the Chicago social media agency you choose to quarterback the entire process. Of course you’ll be excited when you finally get everyone in your organization onboard the social media wagon and you’ll want to get going right away, but taking a step back to a mutually beneficial strategy and discovery period so the social media agency can get to know your vision, goals and metrics as well as how you want the brand to look online is a best practice.

Beware of those companies that want to hold your hand and jump right into deep waters by promising specific amounts of traffic, downloads or likes without this initial discovery process—dealing in hard numbers right away should be a big red flag.

Remember anyone promising you 30,000 likes over a specific time frame is more than likely selling you their prepackaged technique requiring more money than effort. On the other hand, 10,000 likes that’s the result of more time, grit and hard work will build the authentic community that will increase your bottom line and sustain interest and conversions over the long run.

Why Live Chat Is BEYOND Just a Lead Generation Tool

I’m a huge proponent of installing live chat on your website, irregardless of whether you’re a service provider or an e-commerce vendor. More often than not, most businesses regard live chat software as a means to offer better customer support and generate leads for their business. While I agree that it is the primary function and can generate more ROI than any other single conversion tool, it can also provide the following useful data:

Customer Journey Tool – live chat type software allows you to see how potential visitors are using your site and making the decision to contact you or not. Stage V Clinger, a cigar holder manufacturer, used live chat early on as a way to see what type of content to build and where customers lingered the most.

A/B Testing – live chat quickly allows you to assess, in real-time, opportunities to add copy, text, images, and graphics to see if a potential visitors will live chat you or fill out the contact form and/or complete a purchase.

Upgrade/Modify your site – often times, websites are built with you, the owner/founder/business executive in mind. Live chat offers a great way and a low cost alternative to see what type of content your visitors are hungry for. Enerspace Coworking, a chicago coworking spot, and former home of SoMe, uses it for both customer conversion AND to make targeted updates to the site. Jamie Russo, founder of Enerspace, said, “it was frustrating to see people stream into my site and not converting….I could tell what pages they were hanging up on..” Jamie used the live chat data to build pages and content that better resonated and ultimately converted into paying clients.

Lead Qualification – for service based companies like our social media agency, it provides an seamless way to talk to potential clients and to provide an assessment to see if we’re a mutual fit. Often times, in complex industries or more intangible services such as consulting, marketing, etc. your clients have questions that they may never ask you on the phone or in a meeting but are perfectly willing to speak to you about via live chat. This allows both parties to quickly chat and see if they’re a good fit to move forward.

Content – all those questions while you’re in live chat are perfect fodder for blog posts and whitepapers – much like you see with this post here. I’ve been asked hundreds of times about why a business should install live chat and based on that, it provided me an opportunity to write this post.

All in all, live chat offers many benefits beyond the standard customer engagement tool. Our favorite application, and the one you see on our site, is Live Chat, Inc. (affiliate link). We’ve been using it for over two years now and it’s an incredible tool for engagement, customer happiness, and feedback tool for both your company and your team.