We’re back with more social media news for you to keep up with everything happening in the industry. What’s changed on Twitter that has everyone freaking out, why is Facebook teaming up with Apple Music and Spotify, and what new app did AOL create? Read on to learn this and more.

Facebook Kills Other Messages

Facebook has killed the other inbox. Surprise if you didn’t know it existed. Venture to your inbox on your desktop, click other and marvel at the various spam messages received from strangers that you never replied to.

AOL Launches Livestream App

A combination of Snapchat and Periscope, AOL has launched Kanvas 5.0. Livestream while adding filters, emojis, and animated themes.

Twitter Replaces Stars with Hearts

RIP the favorite on Twitter. You can now like a tweet with a heart, instead of the star. This change is to “make it easier and a heart is universal”. We have extensive experience with working with the platform. Contact us to learn more.

Facebook Creates Music Service

Facebook announced Music Story this week, a new type of post, that allows you to share what you are listening to. A 30-second clip of the song will appear and will allow friends to listen to the clip and then buy or stream the full song on Spotify or Apple Music.

Instagram Experimenting with 3D Touch Ads

Instagram is starting to test the iPhone 6s’ 3D touch feature for ads. 3D touch registers when a user pushes down hard on their screen as opposed to a light tap. They are also allegedly testing Apple Pay as well as allowing restaurants sell menu items directly from their feed.

Forbes Releases Article on Customer Support on Twitter

Blake Morgan, a social media expert who has worked on the customer service teams with Verizon and Intel, created a list of tips on how to offer customer support on Twitter. Advice includes avoid jargon or acronyms, avoid sarcasm, talk to customers in their native language, and respond quickly. That said, we’re pros at customer service on social media.

Facebook Announces Photo Magic

Facebook is looking to capitalize on people’s love for sharing photos by unveiling Photo Magic. The opt-in service that is currently only available in Australia monitors a person’s camera roll on their phone and notifies the user if they recognize a person’s face, suggesting they send the photo to said person via the Messenger App. No word on if or when this will be rolled out worldwide.

Twitter Launches ScratchReel

On mobile you can now move a GIF back and forth using a new feature called ScratchReel. GIFs have always been popular on the platform and this will make the content even more engaging.

Facebook Unleashes 360 Degree Video on Mobile and Ads

You can now watch 360 degree videos on iOS and certain brands are now able to create “immersive stories” as ads. The first ads coming from Disney, Budweiser, and AT&T.

Twitter Testing Emoji Reactions

Not a fan of the heart? Twitter is testing out other emojis so users can share reactions to a tweet, similar to Facebook’s Reactions. This is currently appearing on limited profiles.

Google+ Is Coming Back

After failing abysmally, Google+ is being relaunched with a focus on communities. Interest groups are now called communities, where groups of people can discuss things like Game of Thrones, while collections allow for groups of posts related to a specific topic, like cooking, can be seen.

Niche Websites

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