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Chicago Social Media Agency News Roundup – 10/20

Posted on October 20, 2015

Our bi-weekly social media news roundup has returned. Find out the new feature Twitter just debuted, the amount of people who use emojis, and how one brand is using a chicken to promote their food.

Twitter Debuts Moments

A new tab called Moments appeared on Twitter last week, making it easier to keep up with current events. The most relevant tweets from popular events of the day will appear for users to view.

Facebook Creating Tools to Interact with TV Shows

Facebook is creating a slew of tools for broadcasters to connect with people watching television shows. Such tools include polling that will allow users to vote on questions while watching sporting events or an awards show and a way to aggregate live photos and videos from fans watching the show.

Facebook Doodle on Photos

After Facebook Messenger allowed users to draw on their photos before sending them, Facebook is now allowing users to draw on photos before uploading them for friends to see.

YouTube Updates App to Allow Editing

The new YouTube app update allows users to trim, add filters and music to uploaded videos on-the-go.

Emoji Study

A new study on emoji usage found that over 60% of millenials use emojis multiple times a week on social media and via texting. Additionally, over 60% of women use emojis versus 41% of men.

Facebook Reactions

The dislike button is not happening. Instead, it’s reactions – a series of emojis that will be next to the like button. Users will be able to express love, laughter, happiness, shock, anger and sadness.

Twitter Head of Product Opens Up About Why We Can’t Edit Tweets

It’s one of the most requested things Twitter users want – to be able to edit tweets. Twitter’s Head of Product Kevin Weil says it’s easier said than done, saying that editing a tweet that has already been shared or embedded elsewhere changes it’s context.

Twitter Reveals New Video Advertising Program

The new Twitter Amplify ad program allows anyone who posts videos to monetize their videos with 6 second pre-roll ads. Companies that have signed onto the program include Fox Broadcasting, MTV, Univision, Food Network, Vox Media, Maker Studios, Fullscreen, BuzzFeed, Time Inc. and WWE.

The Top Social Media Marketing Trends of 2016

Forbes examined the top social media marketing trends that will make waves in 2016. These include in-the-moment updates (such as livestreaming on Periscope), buy buttons will become increasingly popular, and the stuggle to get organic traffic.

Only 3% of Your Newsfeed is Ads

A recent study by Socialbreakers found that only three percent of a person’s newsfeed contains advertisements. This only accounted for desktop viewing, not mobile ads, and didn’t factor in the right-hand rail ads. That said, we are experts in Facebook ads. Let us help you strategically grow your business.

Facebook Creating Video Feed Tab

Facebook really wants you to watch video, so much that they’re creating a separate tab to showcase videos. Videos will be from pages you follow as well as videos your friends post.

A Chicken Restaurant Has a Chicken Running It’s Twitter – Literally

No, this isn’t a joke. Chicken Treat, an Australian chicken chain, has put a keyboard in a henhouse with Betty the chicken, who has pecked away, creating tweets for the past week. Betty will continue tweeting until she creates an actual work, hereby making her the Guinness World Record Holder for the First Tweeting Chicken. While Betty may be tweeting gibberish, we create tweets that get people talking. Contact us to learn how we can expand your social presence online!

Twitter Polls Available Soon

Twitter has been testing poll functionality with a select number of users. Soon it will be available to anyone on the platform.

Facebook Instant Articles Debuts

If you have an iPhone, you’ll be seeing Instant Articles more often. The articles, used by publishers like Buzzfeed and Vox, allows users to read stories quicker with less ads and load time. No word on when they will roll out for Android users.
YouTube Announces Subscription Service

YouTube has announced a subscription service. For $9.99, subscribers can get ad-free videos as well as original shows from the top YouTube channels such as PewDiePie and Joey Graceffa, and YouTube Music, something that will premiere soon.

Link Your Vine Profile to Your Twitter

You can now link you Vine profile to your Twitter account. This makes sense as Twitter owns Vine.

Instagram Launches Boomerang

The new app allows for one-second videos, creating GIF-like videos. This is to compete with Apple’s new Live Photos option on the iPhone 6s.