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Chicago Social Media Agency News Roundup – 9/22

Posted on September 22, 2015

Our bi-weekly update on all social media news is back. What’s Snapchat’s newest update entail? Is Facebook getting away from social media? Read on to find out more!

Facebook Getting Into Education Software

Facebook is moving away from social media and into education. Zuck and Co. are creating software that will allow students to learn at their own pace. It is currently being tested at a charter school in California.

Facebook Recruits Artists to Premiere Videos on Their Platform

Facebook is coming for you, YouTube. To become the video kingpin, Facebook has recruited various artists to premiere videos on their channel. Artists like U2, Wiz Khalifa and Carrie Underwood have already signed onboard.

Facebook Testing New Mobile Ads

Facebook is testing new mobile ads that open up to show like the advertiser’s website.

Instagram Direct Allows Private Photo Messaging

You can now send Instagram photos in private messages thanks to Instagram’s most recent update.

New Emojis

The wait is over! New emojis are coming when Apple’s iOS 9 is unleashed.

Twitter Experimenting with Analytics in the Notifications Tab

Ever wondered what your top tweet is? Twitter is making that easier by experimenting with analytical data in the notifications tab. You may soon be able to see how many people have engaged with your tweet as well as noteworthy mentions.

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Mentions App Open to Journalists

Facebook’s Mentions app, which allows for livestreams and Q&A’s, is now open to journalists on the front lines of reporting breaking news.

Periscope Landscape Mode

Periscope is now in landscape mode.

Facebook Developing Virtual Reality App

Facebook is working on an app that will allow users to view virtual reality videos. This makes sense with their purchase of VR software Oculus Rift in 2014.

Snapchat Lenses and Replay

Want to rewatch a snap? You can now pay $1 to watch 3 snaps over again. After that, they’re gone forever. Additionally, Snapchat now has lenses that you can place over your selfies. Options include Terminator and puking rainbows – seriously.

Facebook Dislike Button

After getting requests for years, Facebook is working on a dislike button – kind of. The empathy button will allow users to show empathy towards a post regarding the death of a loved one or a natural disaster.

We “like” this idea! We’re also active on Facebook, so be sure to connect with us!