A Hello from the Newest Addition to the Some Team!

Posted on July 6, 2012



It’s been six weeks since I joined the SoMe team and it’s been a great experience. Being the first associate on board has given me the opportunity to learn a lot about building strategy, managing accounts, and plenty of other lessons that I didn’t expect to have in early May when I first came on. So, how did I get to be the first employee? My college transcript wouldn’t give you many clues; I’m entering my last year of undergraduate study at Loyola University Chicago with an expected degree in Political Science and Philosophy. These two academic areas have been passions of mine and have taught me the importance of adopting various perspectives as well as building strong arguments based on tight logic and large amounts of credible evidence.

My professional resume is a different story. I moved to Chicago and immediately fell in love with the startup environment that is beginning to thrive here. I first started work for Redeal.me, a bootstrapped Facebook app that created an easy-to-use marketplace for college students to re-sell their used textbooks. After a year, I left Redeal.me and joined the Vidya Foundation, a non-profit brainchild of Biju Kulathakal that is currently running its second pilot to help slum children in India afford a quality education. My time at both Redeal.me and Vidya was spent creating custom graphics and marketing strategies for reaching customers and businesses; this ranged from brochures, to signs, to entire social media platforms that communicated the business’ mission and services. SoMe marks my third entrepreneurial work environment prior to earning my bachelor’s, and I feel at home in my new office. Besides managing and creating content for Chicago Tweetups, I work with co-founders Madh and Aalap to craft strategic plans for new clients, write custom content for our materials, and design and publish case studies that detail SoMe’s success.

I want my work to bring Chicago Tweetups to the top of event aggregators in the Chicagoland area and be a trusted source for entrepreneurs, social media professionals, and tech gurus in the area. SoMe’s potential for growth is unlimited; our qualified and tight-knit team consistently produces organic content for our clients and our work is acknowledged by the amount of referrals that come our way. Although I’m not quite sure where I’ll end up after I graduate and “enter the real world,” I’m excited for my prospects. And if I’m lucky enough to find a spot on a small and passionate team like SoMe, I’ll be alright.