Here’s a few of the industry leading Social Media Tools you Can’t be Without

Posted on June 25, 2015

If you’ve been plugging away with digital marketing and teaming up with a social media agency that’s helping you realize how worthwhile and intense it can be to succeed with these mediums, you’ve more than likely had at least some connection with some of the social media tools that can help. You need to build a platform that can be repeated and is scalable so you need to be careful about the tools you choose. Here’s a few of the ones we think are worth some attention.


Crystal has a few things going for it that are interesting. First off, it can help you make your emails more personable by analyzing public data to tell you more about how a person you’re communicating with behaves and how you should tailor your emails to them. The application developed here was put together at the Harvard Innovation Lab and this is cutting edge since it even predicts what the outcome of your relationship with that person will be like. There’s a two week trial and a version for Gmail that makes it attractive.

As a Chicago social media agency that’s dedicated to getting you to where you need to be, we like to stay on top of all the latest trends in social media marketing and tools that help everything run smoothly. Sometimes, you need to keep things simple to get the best results and that’s why we think Facebook has an interesting tool in Facebook Insights. There was a time not that long ago when the ROI for digital advertising was suspect to the point where bigger corporate types were thinking about pulling the plug on social media altogether.

It’s a good thing those times have changed and tools like Facebook Insights helped social media to turn the corner. This tool provides an excellent overview of the important metrics you need like the amount of click through traffic your shares generate and the comments your posts receive. This is excellent ammunition for the combined efforts of you and your social media agency when filtering through what works and what doesn’t.