July’s SoMe Insight Event to Feature David Gardner, Co-founder of Colorjar

Posted on July 12, 2013


David Gardner is the co-founder of ColorJar, a digital agency that specializes in positioning strategy and creating custom websites and apps. On July 26, Gardner will speak at SoMe Digital Media’s Insight series, a monthly showcase for successful companies to present actionable insights to the greater business community.

Inspired by ColorJar’s blog post on “keeping your message brief,” SoMe sat down with Gardner for a quick pre-event chat on mascots, music, and the biggest digital marketing mistake people make.

SoMe: You have worked with everyone from local favorites Glazed and Infused to national powerhouse, Chevrolet. What are the 3 characteristics you look for in a potential client?

David Gardner: We look for clients who are passionate, who are doing something cool and who don’t take themselves too seriously

SM: We see you use to play professional basketball, if ColorJar were in the NBA what would their mascot be?

DG: Fire breathing dragons. (Rockets are already taken.)

SM: What’s the best advice you ever got?

DG: I like the advice my grandma gave me, “Nothing just happens, you have to want something and make it happen. Then get started.”

SM: What’s your favorite music to work to?

DG: I like to stream “the current” 89.3. In high school I once wrote a 10 page paper while listening to this song.”

SM: As a digital marketing agency, we have to ask, why doesn’t ColorJar have a Facebook page?

DG: ColorJar doesn’t have a Facebook because we believe that if you’re going to do something, you gotta do it great. We don’t have the resources for a thriving Facebook at the moment. Twitter currently suits us.

SM: What’s the biggest thing people get wrong when designing a digital marketing strategy?

DG: When you look at the websites of many companies, it takes too long to figure out what they do and why. Be clear on what you want users to take away from your company.

SM: We looked at the ColorJar staff bios and everyone on your team is so interesting. Tell us, what do you look for when hiring staff?

DG: We like to hire interesting people. There’s a ColorJar kind of person. The benefit to hiring interesting people is that there’s lots of different perspectives with new and experienced eyes.

Don’t miss David’s Insight talk about finding your Golden Purpose on Friday, July 26 at Enerspace Chicago. The event is free, but seating is limited. Register through Eventbrite today! http://someinsight.eventbrite.com/