Listen Up! Here’s a Moneyball Social Media Agency Angle you Might not Have Considered

Posted on June 13, 2015

Any new innovation in the business world that helps to increase your bottom line needs to adapt and grow just like the business itself. Our Chicago social media agency understands the importance of injecting a balanced approach into each and every one of the campaigns we work on with our valued clients and to that end, we think it’s critical for them to know about the things only social media can do for them.

So we’d like to suggest you start listening. That doesn’t necessarily mean just to us—although we are the social media agency that’s dedicated to making sure you get the listeningmost from the digital marketing world. What we’re talking about here is the ability social media gives you to listen to your customers in a way you never did before.


Target Demographic

When you start “listening” ( and of course in many instances this really means reading) to what your target demographic is saying on social media , you can make the changes that better suit them and they , in turn, start listening to and buying from you.

Fair enough, you might say, but how do I start that process after I’ve talked with a Chicago social media agency and started a campaign on some of the more popular platforms like Twitter? What are the mechanics of listening on social media?

Right Funnel

You can start by looking for the right funnel to narrow down the ocean of thoughts and opinions out there into a steady stream that’s coherent and useable. There’s quite a variety of tools that do an amazing number of different things and we’re the social media agency that can outfit you with the right one.

First things first, as they say, and you’ll need to start the process off by cataloguing the amount and types of content you’re putting out into the digital world of social media. Deciding which ones are doing best is often about taking the Moneyball analytics type approach and taking advantage of what vehicles like Twitter and Linkedin have to offer.

After that, you can start making a useful catalogue of the praise , referrals and even complaints that are centered around your brand and adjust accordingly.