A Note from New Media: You Can’t Ignore Me

Posted on February 5, 2013

It wasn’t long ago that I met with a media relations professional from a Chicago-area university. The most memorable piece of our conversation was in regards to social media. She said that what’s now classified as “new media” or “social media” will not before long be considered plain ‘ol media. The statement really made me think. If you are paying any attention, (which you should be), the use of “new media” is becoming more important and it cannot be ignored. When it comes to social media, in particular, I am fascinated with the 2+ way conversations it can create. For example, through a little app called “Get Glue,” I can ‘check in’ to my favorite show and comment on the episode as it plays out with what first seems like a ‘modern chat room’ full of strangers. We quickly become friends…all through a simple app.

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But what about your business, is it important? Of course it is! New media and its interactivity allows you to connect with your customers in ways you never could have before. Whether it’s advertising deals, providing customer service or just releasing new information about your company, you need it! Keep the words “connection” and “interactivity” in mind as you build your social media presence. It won’t be long before you’ll have no choice but to accept it’s important and here to stay!