How Smart B2B Companies Are Using Social Media

Posted on January 24, 2014

The world of social media can no longer be reserved for B2C businesses. Smart B2B owners have already made the transition to social media and are reaping the benefits. According to a study by Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing. Of those, 87% use social media as a lead generator.

We’ve put together our current top B2B Companies and the social networks they’re dominating on:

Mailchimp on Instagram:

The email provider has over 6,500 followers and earns an average of 8 followers a day through their targeted visual strategy. Understanding your brand is key to gaining a strong following, and Mailchimp has benefitted from doing just that. Almost all of their posts include their trademark chimp, a great way to cleverly stay top of mind with users.

HubSpot on Twitter:

HubSpot is a marketing software firm used by businesses nationally. Rather than viewing Twitter as a medium to broadcast, a position many B2B companies find themselves in, HubSpot has gained a following of over 350,000 followers through genuine engagement. They tweet questions to followers, occasionally hand over the tweeting reigns to HubSpot higher-ups, and provide a wealth of resources to all who will listen.

Cisco Systems on Youtube:

Cisco is an international manufacturer and seller of networking equipment, not a company you’d typically think would do well on social media. However, they’ve created a strong community on Youtube with over 65,000 subscribers. Their series of videos on the future of the internet, among others, are accessible, interesting, and make you forget you’re interacting with a networking equipment company.

While the above platforms may not be the right fit for your B2B company, in general a focus on content marketing and LinkedIn are great for creating organic content that drives targeted buyers to your website.

Most of all, website and online content should have a strong call to action with phone numbers (that use call tracking) and email addresses that allow prospects to get in touch quickly.

What B2B companies do you think are getting it right on social media? We’d love to hear from you!