Are you using social media for your business? What kind of results are you seeing? Is it something that feels overhyped with little or no return to you? If that’s the case, let’s talk about the reasons why your social media strategy is not working for you:

1. Are you on a few or many social media networks?

Less is more, so be strategic about the networks you are on. Pick the networks that your customers are on and create compelling content for these networks.

2. Are you posting daily and consistently?

You should aim for one Facebook post & 5-6 tweets daily to get the most results.

3. Are you engaging and interactive?

Always post content that engages with your readers – remember, social media is not one-way communication.

4. Are you Responsive?

If someone compliments you online, do you respond in a timely fashion….or a week later? Responding in a timely manner will show that you are interested in hearing what people have to say-an important part of brand building.

5. Are you advertising your network off-line?

Don’t expect your customers to seek you out online without some offline marketing – make it as easy as possible for them to find you and add you to their daily routines.

6. Does your designated social media person understand social media?

More often than not, your college student or intern will not have the “buy-in” and expertise to run an important marketing tool such as social media from a business perspective.

By answering these questions honestly, you should get an in-depth look at whether or not you are using social media effectively. We often find that businesses that are strategic and timely on social media networks not only gain a strong following on social media, but also drive traffic to their website and ultimately increase their sales and leads.