Content is fire, social media is gasoline” – Ryan Kahn

These 2014 online moments have been the most viral among our peers, and collectively, some of the most talked about within our team. Each event started from a single tweet or Facebook post, and some of your favorite companies designed these stories to run that way.

#WorldsToughestJob – This campaign is great because it’s not obvious what the intention is initially, but ultimately the message is clear. Sometimes in the digital space ideas that aren’t as “in your face” are the ones that get amazing traction. Lesson: think outside the box.


#TDThanksYou – TD Canada Bank pulled at everyone’s heartstrings this year, presenting unassuming customers with personalized gifts during their ATM withdrawals. Some people dismissed this as just a publicity stunt, but there are some great lessons that can be learned: positive relationships are important to build trust! We all still enjoy personal interactions and our relationships with financial institutions can and should be personal.


Sony – The e-mail hack of the century. We’re all very in touch with our smartphones, mobile apps and many other digital forms of communication these days. Imagine having a bad week, venting in an e-mail and the whole world sees it. There’s no delete button for that. Our conversations are becoming less and less secure and privacy is slowly becoming a thing of the past.


Taco Bell Blackout –Taco Bell went dark for a day with #OnlyInTheApp to launch 1-click ordering at the fast food chain. The campaign led fans to iTunes charts and became one of the most downloaded apps in October. A simple uploaded photo that lived for 24 hours jump-started orders of Rolled Chicken Tacos from the palm of your hand.