Chicago Social Media Agency News Roundup – 11/7

We’re back with more social media news for you to keep up with everything happening in the industry. What’s changed on Twitter that has everyone freaking out, why is Facebook teaming up with Apple Music and Spotify, and what new app did AOL create? Read on to learn this and more.

Facebook Kills Other Messages

Facebook has killed the other inbox. Surprise if you didn’t know it existed. Venture to your inbox on your desktop, click other and marvel at the various spam messages received from strangers that you never replied to.

AOL Launches Livestream App

A combination of Snapchat and Periscope, AOL has launched Kanvas 5.0. Livestream while adding filters, emojis, and animated themes.

Twitter Replaces Stars with Hearts

RIP the favorite on Twitter. You can now like a tweet with a heart, instead of the star. This change is to “make it easier and a heart is universal”. We have extensive experience with working with the platform. Contact us to learn more.

Facebook Creates Music Service

Facebook announced Music Story this week, a new type of post, that allows you to share what you are listening to. A 30-second clip of the song will appear and will allow friends to listen to the clip and then buy or stream the full song on Spotify or Apple Music.

Instagram Experimenting with 3D Touch Ads

Instagram is starting to test the iPhone 6s’ 3D touch feature for ads. 3D touch registers when a user pushes down hard on their screen as opposed to a light tap. They are also allegedly testing Apple Pay as well as allowing restaurants sell menu items directly from their feed.

Forbes Releases Article on Customer Support on Twitter

Blake Morgan, a social media expert who has worked on the customer service teams with Verizon and Intel, created a list of tips on how to offer customer support on Twitter. Advice includes avoid jargon or acronyms, avoid sarcasm, talk to customers in their native language, and respond quickly. That said, we’re pros at customer service on social media.

Facebook Announces Photo Magic

Facebook is looking to capitalize on people’s love for sharing photos by unveiling Photo Magic. The opt-in service that is currently only available in Australia monitors a person’s camera roll on their phone and notifies the user if they recognize a person’s face, suggesting they send the photo to said person via the Messenger App. No word on if or when this will be rolled out worldwide.

Twitter Launches ScratchReel

On mobile you can now move a GIF back and forth using a new feature called ScratchReel. GIFs have always been popular on the platform and this will make the content even more engaging.

Facebook Unleashes 360 Degree Video on Mobile and Ads

You can now watch 360 degree videos on iOS and certain brands are now able to create “immersive stories” as ads. The first ads coming from Disney, Budweiser, and AT&T.

Twitter Testing Emoji Reactions

Not a fan of the heart? Twitter is testing out other emojis so users can share reactions to a tweet, similar to Facebook’s Reactions. This is currently appearing on limited profiles.

Google+ Is Coming Back

After failing abysmally, Google+ is being relaunched with a focus on communities. Interest groups are now called communities, where groups of people can discuss things like Game of Thrones, while collections allow for groups of posts related to a specific topic, like cooking, can be seen.

Niche Websites

The rise of niche sites, Mindbody Consulting , is an important and emerging trend to draw targeted traffic, for example, to take advantage of the keyword “mindbody consultant.”

Chicago Social Media Agency News Roundup – 12/1

What types of video rule Facebook? What new feature did Snapchat premiere and Vine copy mere days later? Read on to learn the latest in social media news.

Food Videos Rule on Facebook

According to the Wall Street Journal, food videos on Facebook outperform any other content on the platform. Most notably, Buzzfeed’s Tasty page, that showcases recipes in time-lapse style, is the most popular page in regards to video on the entirety to Facebook.

Snapchat Debuts Story Explorer

If you are looking at a Snapchat-created story and like what a particular person posted about, you can now use the story explorer feature to see more snaps from that location. For example, if you are viewing the Chicago story and you see someone post about The Bean, simply swipe up to view more snaps from The Bean.

Holiday Spending and Mobile

eMarketer has predicted that mobile purchases this holiday season will increase drastically this year. They say “U.S. retail m-commerce sales to rise 32.2 percent in full-year 2015 — more than double the 14.2 percent increase forecast for retail e-commerce sales as a whole.” This shows the importance of mobile-friendly websites and apps. We are experts in mobile websites and content creation. Contact us to get your brand online in time for the holidays.

Vine Launches Similar Feature

Days after Snapchat announced Story Explorer, Vine has released a similar feature, simply titled Similar Vines. You can now swipe left on any Vine to see similar Vines.

Google App Install Interstital Penalty

After some complaints, Google has taken action to make sure app creators don’t abuse the opportunity for advertisements and exploit them for profit. Mobile websites that show large, full-screen ads after a user clicks on a search result will no longer be considered mobile friendly. Web developers, take note. We have a team dedicated to online ads and Google AdWords. Let us help you get high rankings on Google.

Chicago Social Media Agency News Roundup – 10/20

Our bi-weekly social media news roundup has returned. Find out the new feature Twitter just debuted, the amount of people who use emojis, and how one brand is using a chicken to promote their food.

Twitter Debuts Moments

A new tab called Moments appeared on Twitter last week, making it easier to keep up with current events. The most relevant tweets from popular events of the day will appear for users to view.

Facebook Creating Tools to Interact with TV Shows

Facebook is creating a slew of tools for broadcasters to connect with people watching television shows. Such tools include polling that will allow users to vote on questions while watching sporting events or an awards show and a way to aggregate live photos and videos from fans watching the show.

Facebook Doodle on Photos

After Facebook Messenger allowed users to draw on their photos before sending them, Facebook is now allowing users to draw on photos before uploading them for friends to see.

YouTube Updates App to Allow Editing

The new YouTube app update allows users to trim, add filters and music to uploaded videos on-the-go.

Emoji Study

A new study on emoji usage found that over 60% of millenials use emojis multiple times a week on social media and via texting. Additionally, over 60% of women use emojis versus 41% of men.

Facebook Reactions

The dislike button is not happening. Instead, it’s reactions – a series of emojis that will be next to the like button. Users will be able to express love, laughter, happiness, shock, anger and sadness.

Twitter Head of Product Opens Up About Why We Can’t Edit Tweets

It’s one of the most requested things Twitter users want – to be able to edit tweets. Twitter’s Head of Product Kevin Weil says it’s easier said than done, saying that editing a tweet that has already been shared or embedded elsewhere changes it’s context.

Twitter Reveals New Video Advertising Program

The new Twitter Amplify ad program allows anyone who posts videos to monetize their videos with 6 second pre-roll ads. Companies that have signed onto the program include Fox Broadcasting, MTV, Univision, Food Network, Vox Media, Maker Studios, Fullscreen, BuzzFeed, Time Inc. and WWE.

The Top Social Media Marketing Trends of 2016

Forbes examined the top social media marketing trends that will make waves in 2016. These include in-the-moment updates (such as livestreaming on Periscope), buy buttons will become increasingly popular, and the stuggle to get organic traffic.

Only 3% of Your Newsfeed is Ads

A recent study by Socialbreakers found that only three percent of a person’s newsfeed contains advertisements. This only accounted for desktop viewing, not mobile ads, and didn’t factor in the right-hand rail ads. That said, we are experts in Facebook ads. Let us help you strategically grow your business.

Facebook Creating Video Feed Tab

Facebook really wants you to watch video, so much that they’re creating a separate tab to showcase videos. Videos will be from pages you follow as well as videos your friends post.

A Chicken Restaurant Has a Chicken Running It’s Twitter – Literally

No, this isn’t a joke. Chicken Treat, an Australian chicken chain, has put a keyboard in a henhouse with Betty the chicken, who has pecked away, creating tweets for the past week. Betty will continue tweeting until she creates an actual work, hereby making her the Guinness World Record Holder for the First Tweeting Chicken. While Betty may be tweeting gibberish, we create tweets that get people talking. Contact us to learn how we can expand your social presence online!

Twitter Polls Available Soon

Twitter has been testing poll functionality with a select number of users. Soon it will be available to anyone on the platform.

Facebook Instant Articles Debuts

If you have an iPhone, you’ll be seeing Instant Articles more often. The articles, used by publishers like Buzzfeed and Vox, allows users to read stories quicker with less ads and load time. No word on when they will roll out for Android users.
YouTube Announces Subscription Service

YouTube has announced a subscription service. For $9.99, subscribers can get ad-free videos as well as original shows from the top YouTube channels such as PewDiePie and Joey Graceffa, and YouTube Music, something that will premiere soon.

Link Your Vine Profile to Your Twitter

You can now link you Vine profile to your Twitter account. This makes sense as Twitter owns Vine.

Instagram Launches Boomerang

The new app allows for one-second videos, creating GIF-like videos. This is to compete with Apple’s new Live Photos option on the iPhone 6s.

Chicago Social Media Agency News Roundup – 10/6

The next roundup of social media news is here. Read about why The Washington Post stunned the social media world, what Twitter is working on behind-the-scenes and Facebook’s new video endeavor.

Facebook Launches 360 Degree Video

Facebook has launched 360 degree videos, to keep up with YouTube. Beginning brands working with the service include Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Saturday Night Live, and Vice Media.

Washington Post Goes All-In With Facebook Instant Articles

Washington Post has announced that all of their articles will be via the Facebook Instant Articles platform.

Instagram Reaches 400M Users, Past Twitter

Instagram has reached over 400 million users. This has put the app ahead of Twitter, which has 316 million monthly users. That said, we’re experts in using Instagram for brands. Contact us for more.

Twitter Polls

Twitter has begun allowing users to add polls to their tweets. The polls last for 24 hours.

Facebook Redesigns Profiles

Facebook has redesigned mobile profiles, allowing users to add a profile video as well as a temporary profile photo that can be used for specific days, such as days to celebrate a sports win.

Twitter Looking into Expanding 140 Character Limit

Re/Code claims Twitter is rolling out a new product that will allow for longer tweets. No word on when this will be revealed.

Twitter Expands Buy Buttons

Bigcommerce, Demandware, and Shopify users can now showcase their products on Twitter using the buy button. We’ve done multiple social media ads. Let’s connect to expand your social audience.

Chicago Social Media Agency News Roundup – 9/22

Our bi-weekly update on all social media news is back. What’s Snapchat’s newest update entail? Is Facebook getting away from social media? Read on to find out more!

Facebook Getting Into Education Software

Facebook is moving away from social media and into education. Zuck and Co. are creating software that will allow students to learn at their own pace. It is currently being tested at a charter school in California.

Facebook Recruits Artists to Premiere Videos on Their Platform

Facebook is coming for you, YouTube. To become the video kingpin, Facebook has recruited various artists to premiere videos on their channel. Artists like U2, Wiz Khalifa and Carrie Underwood have already signed onboard.

Facebook Testing New Mobile Ads

Facebook is testing new mobile ads that open up to show like the advertiser’s website.

Instagram Direct Allows Private Photo Messaging

You can now send Instagram photos in private messages thanks to Instagram’s most recent update.

New Emojis

The wait is over! New emojis are coming when Apple’s iOS 9 is unleashed.

Twitter Experimenting with Analytics in the Notifications Tab

Ever wondered what your top tweet is? Twitter is making that easier by experimenting with analytical data in the notifications tab. You may soon be able to see how many people have engaged with your tweet as well as noteworthy mentions.

You know who else loves analytical data? Us! Contact us to learn more about our results-driven approach to digital marketing.

Mentions App Open to Journalists

Facebook’s Mentions app, which allows for livestreams and Q&A’s, is now open to journalists on the front lines of reporting breaking news.

Periscope Landscape Mode

Periscope is now in landscape mode.

Facebook Developing Virtual Reality App

Facebook is working on an app that will allow users to view virtual reality videos. This makes sense with their purchase of VR software Oculus Rift in 2014.

Snapchat Lenses and Replay

Want to rewatch a snap? You can now pay $1 to watch 3 snaps over again. After that, they’re gone forever. Additionally, Snapchat now has lenses that you can place over your selfies. Options include Terminator and puking rainbows – seriously.

Facebook Dislike Button

After getting requests for years, Facebook is working on a dislike button – kind of. The empathy button will allow users to show empathy towards a post regarding the death of a loved one or a natural disaster.

We “like” this idea! We’re also active on Facebook, so be sure to connect with us!