Say you’ve just started getting interested in internet based marketing and decided to dip just one toe in what will prove to be a big lake of choices. Of course there will be a little trepidation at first when you look across at the big expanse in front of you, but not to worry. We’re the Chicago social media agency that understands and is here to help. As an example, here’s a quick primer on the best methods to use for display ads that will make a difference and supply excellent ROI.


The old saying about how the more things change the more they stay the same applies in at least one way. Any ad you finally sign off on needs to be colorful and evocative and that really hasn’t change since the days of print, newspapers and radio. Another more traditional adage that applies here is less is more. It’s best if you keep the text to ten words and make sure it relates to the image. After that, you’ll need to be aware that once you’ve got the attention of your target market, they should be directed to do what you want them to.

Call To Action

That’s where, as your social media agency of choice, we like to implement a call to action button for our valued clients so their returning clients and prospects have a clear path laid out for them. Including your logo ensures your branding efforts have the furthest reach possible and the best sizes for Google ads that perform well are pixel sizes 300×250, 250×250, 200×200 and 728×90.

One of the best aspects of digital marketing is the fact you can tinker. In fact, we suggest you test different messages and designs to find the combination that works best. Targeting your audience is one of the cornerstones we stress as your one stop Chicago social media agency that helps to get you to where you need to be. Casting the net too wide in the vast cyberspace lake won’t bring in a good catch. You need to tailor your efforts so that niche market you’re striving for gets hooked.

Landing Page

Finally, even the best display ads won’t do any good unless they point a well designed landing page on a website that’s been kept up to date. Remember, the website is your online business card and you need to treat it as such with a user-friendly design and informative well written text.

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