Our Chicago based digital marketing team is always thinking about how to effectively create Facebook posts that will resonate with our clients target audience to maximize both reach and engagement. From our years working in digital marketing, we can point to three basic ingredients that contribute to a Facebook posts’s success:

Know your target audience – leverage Page Insights and other free Facebook Analytics tools to see your demographics, audience overviews to speak to your most engaged fans.

Have a point of view – develop a voice that your fans can engage and feel comfortable with. Don’t try to be the loudest or hippest person in the room – be your brand voice and be as engaging as you can be.

Timing – knowing when your audience is online is one of the biggest success factors in creating reach. Forget about those “optimal” time to post infographics – use your knowledge of your market to time your content for the best traction.

Below are examples of these tactics we’ve implemented on client campaigns:

1. ORS Haircare– Global consumer product company


11,176 people organically reached | 5,076 likes, comments & shares

Success factors: Timing (morning), compelling image, targeted content, call to action

2. 235 Van Buren– Real Estate Development Company

3,876 people reached organically | 356 shares, likes, and comments

Success factors: targeted audience, timing (1:40 PM)

3. Bin36– Wine bar and restaurant

1,278 people reached organically | 99 shares, likes, and comments

Success factors: Targeted audience

Facebook posts can be incredibly engaging if you leverage the best images, the right content, and time your posts for maximum exposure (and relevancy). How can you do this? Keep a pulse on your post activity through Facebook Insights or feel free to drop us an email!