I’m a huge proponent of installing live chat on your website, irregardless of whether you’re a service provider or an e-commerce vendor. More often than not, most businesses regard live chat software as a means to offer better customer support and generate leads for their business. While I agree that it is the primary function and can generate more ROI than any other single conversion tool, it can also provide the following useful data:

Customer Journey Tool – live chat type software allows you to see how potential visitors are using your site and making the decision to contact you or not. Stage V Clinger, a cigar holder manufacturer, used live chat early on as a way to see what type of content to build and where customers lingered the most.

A/B Testing – live chat quickly allows you to assess, in real-time, opportunities to add copy, text, images, and graphics to see if a potential visitors will live chat you or fill out the contact form and/or complete a purchase.

Upgrade/Modify your site – often times, websites are built with you, the owner/founder/business executive in mind. Live chat offers a great way and a low cost alternative to see what type of content your visitors are hungry for. Enerspace Coworking, a chicago coworking spot, and former home of SoMe, uses it for both customer conversion AND to make targeted updates to the site. Jamie Russo, founder of Enerspace, said, “it was frustrating to see people stream into my site and not converting….I could tell what pages they were hanging up on..” Jamie used the live chat data to build pages and content that better resonated and ultimately converted into paying clients.

Lead Qualification – for service based companies like our social media agency, it provides an seamless way to talk to potential clients and to provide an assessment to see if we’re a mutual fit. Often times, in complex industries or more intangible services such as consulting, marketing, etc. your clients have questions that they may never ask you on the phone or in a meeting but are perfectly willing to speak to you about via live chat. This allows both parties to quickly chat and see if they’re a good fit to move forward.

Content – all those questions while you’re in live chat are perfect fodder for blog posts and whitepapers – much like you see with this post here. I’ve been asked hundreds of times about why a business should install live chat and based on that, it provided me an opportunity to write this post.

All in all, live chat offers many benefits beyond the standard customer engagement tool. Our favorite application, and the one you see on our site, is Live Chat, Inc. (affiliate link). We’ve been using it for over two years now and it’s an incredible tool for engagement, customer happiness, and feedback tool for both your company and your team.