How Do You Promote Your Co-Working Space?

Promoting your co-working space can be difficult. After all, co-working spaces are continually growing and new spaces are opening by the day. A simple search for co-working spaces in Chicago comes up with 162,000 results, so how do you stand out in the crowd?

We spoke with Everything Co-Working about how you can use social media to promote your space. Specifically, we discussed what channels you can use to promote your space, spending money on ads, using social to drive traffic to your website, and much more.

A big thanks to Global Workspace Association and Jamie Russo for reaching out to us to participate in this podcast. You can listen to the episode here and subscribe to the podcast itself here.

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Social 5: “Most Interesting Person Alive” Edition

Want to be the most interesting person at the party this weekend? In this week’s Social 5 we’ve broken down the top social and digital marketing news, so that you can impress a whole room full of strangers.

5. Bing is here to stay. Are you a Google or a Bing person? Fans of the latter can breathe a deep sigh of relief after rumors that Microsoft CEO-candidate Stephen Elop would sell Bing, proved to be untrue.

4. The ideal length for everything on the internet. It appears there is a sweet spot for character count for each digital medium that is significant to the performance of the content. Find out if you’re exceeding character counts on more than just Twitter.

3. How to turn bland text into sparkling content. No more staring at a blank screen. Content marketing gurus, Hubspot, provide great advice on word choice and voice to make your writing sparkle.

2. Hold a meme in your hand. The future is so weird! Shapeways, a 3D-printing facility, has released a line of 3D-printed memes. Pocket-sized versions of Grumpy Cat, Doge, Success Kid and more are available for purchase.

1. Have your blog seen by 40,000 targeted visitors. An incredibly exhaustive list of SEO hacks from Noah Kagan’s blog, OkDork. Try one tip a day to get your content seen by not just more people, but the right people.

If you use any of these as talking points or otherwise we’d love to know! Chat with us here, on Twitter, and Facebook!

Social 5: Monday Morning Meeting Edition

This week’s Social 5 comes from a spirited discussion in the SoMe weekly team meeting. Lots of things happened over the weekend but here are just a few pieces of social media news that got us talking.

5. Twitter Data Shows When We’re Hungover. A recent data study by Twitter looks at when users tweet certain words and phrases like, “feel happy,” “feel sad,” and “hungover.” The data, which is broken down by month and day of the week, looks at tweets from 2013 to understand what users are feeling, and when. Image via Twitter.

4. Facebook Launches 15-Second Video Ads. Facebook announced that users can expect to start seeing video ads on their newsfeed in the next few months. For now Facebook says they’ll be working with a “select group of advertisers” to bring users quality auto-playing ads.

3. Facebook Ads Get Enhanced Calls to Action. Facebook’s new call-to-action ad tool may help businesses attract more customers to their landing page. Businesses can choose from 5 call-to-action buttons (Shop Now, Learn More, Sign Up, Book Now or Download) in addition to larger clickable space for ad display.

2. Police Turn to Social Media to Fight Crime, Dispel Rumors. Law enforcement are beginning to look at social platforms like Twitter and Nextdoor as powerful tools in fighting crime. “A 2013 social media survey from the International Association of Chiefs of Police found that 96% of police departments use social media in some capacity, and more than 80% say it has helped them solve crimes.” (Mashable).

1. Instagram Photos with Faces Get 38% More Likes. A recent report conducted at Georgia Tech reveals people are more drawn to photos that feature faces (re: selfies). The report also found that the amount of faces in the photo, age or gender didn’t influence engagement levels. Image via Shutterstock

What social media news is on your mind? Tweet us a link to what you and your co-workers are talking about. Check back next week for a brand new Social 5!

A Note from New Media: You Can’t Ignore Me

It wasn’t long ago that I met with a media relations professional from a Chicago-area university. The most memorable piece of our conversation was in regards to social media. She said that what’s now classified as “new media” or “social media” will not before long be considered plain ‘ol media. The statement really made me think. If you are paying any attention, (which you should be), the use of “new media” is becoming more important and it cannot be ignored. When it comes to social media, in particular, I am fascinated with the 2+ way conversations it can create. For example, through a little app called “Get Glue,” I can ‘check in’ to my favorite show and comment on the episode as it plays out with what first seems like a ‘modern chat room’ full of strangers. We quickly become friends…all through a simple app.

Looking to kickstart your socila media presence? Read our social media starter plan

But what about your business, is it important? Of course it is! New media and its interactivity allows you to connect with your customers in ways you never could have before. Whether it’s advertising deals, providing customer service or just releasing new information about your company, you need it! Keep the words “connection” and “interactivity” in mind as you build your social media presence. It won’t be long before you’ll have no choice but to accept it’s important and here to stay!