Check back each Friday for a list of our 5 favorite things to come out of social media. This week the SoMe team brings you our favorite viral content. Enjoy!

5. Jimmy Fallon and Jonah Hill hashtag it out in “Hashtag #2″. The sequel to BFFs Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake’s massive viral sketch. Plus an oscar award winning cameo.

4. “Sochi Olympians skating to 90s songs” Tumblr. Topical and nostalgic are the elements in this winning piece of viral content.

3. Old Spice’s “Huey Lewis Hair” interactive campaign. As absurd and delightful as you’d expect, viral video powerhouse Old Spice wants you to choose what Huey Lewis song their head of hair plays. Just watch.

2. Big Lots’ Dancing Moms Bring Thrift Back. Created to announce Big Lots being the official thrift wholesaler for Hostess, the ad relies on the things that make us smile: choreographed dancing, moms and catchy tunes.

1. Emotional Baby. Babies and soulful singing. Try not to shed a tear.