A recent article from the marketing whiz kids at Funnel Envy touched on a crucial aspect of digital marketing so many companies get wrong. Opportunities for social media conversion are being missed simply because fans on social media are being led to a site page that has no value to them.

The solution? Author Sharon Hurley Hall proposes creating a customized landing page that ensures users see the exact information you want them to. On what makes a good landing page she says:

“There are plenty of services around to help you build great social media landing pages. Starting from scratch means you can think about the user experience and consider what information they will need when they visit.

As well as the points mentioned above, your landing page could include what people think of your products and some social proof relating to fans, followers, comments and shares. You can create a special page for fans from each network, keeping in mind that you don’t have to include this in your navigation. It’s purely for visitors from social media sites. Don’t forget to include a call to action and an opt-in box for your email newsletter to complete the conversion cycle.”

And if you can’t create an entirely new landing page, Hurley Hall provides these tips for other options for better social media conversions:

If you don’t want to create a new page and already have a great page that tells potential visitors what you’re all about or a pillar post that does a great job of selling your expertise, then convert it into a suitable social media landing page by:

– adding a personalized greeting (you can also use a WordPress plugin like WP-Greetbox to achieve this)
– removing extraneous information, like sidebar and footer widgets and advertisements.
– adding a call to action and signup box for your offer.

Hubspot provides some other key landing page design tips.

What do you think? Are your customers being sent to the optimal page on your site? What other ways have you found to increase social media conversions? Let us know here, on Twitter, or Facebook!