Trends on Trends on Twitter

As you’re thumbing down your Twitter stream do you find yourself asking, “what is this random hashtag that keeps popping up”? Or do you look down at the trending topics on Twitter and ask “Why on earth would that hashtag possibly be trending?”

We do too.

That’s why we’ve taken some of the trending hashtags and topics of last week and given context behind the hype to help you understand what’s trending and give insights to tactics that may be helpful in getting your own hashtag trending.



One Direction Fan? Then you already know about this hashtag and it’s promise to give you a chance to win tickets to see them in concert. Official rules found here. With 21 Million followers and sponsorship from Live Nation, this young boys band has no problem in getting a hashtag to trend.

Why was it trending? With 21 million followers, it’s no surprise that with the announcement of their 2015 lineup, this London-based pop band gets a lot of traction, quickly.



Handle @WiseBread offers a weekly TweetChat covering various personal finance topics. To help entice participation, each week a handle is selected out of the group that RSVP’d for the chat and given an Amazon gift card.

This week’s topic that trended: retirement. Hence the hashtag name.

Why was it trending? When you get a large group of people together to talk about one topic with a specified hashtag, it tends to gain attention. To gain a large following, it helped to have giveaways to participants.

Gold Glove


Baseball fan? Great, then you were probably tweeting about the Gold Glove nominations of 2014.

Not a fan? Well, it’s an annual award presented by Rawlings, a sports equipment manufacturing company. Each year Rawlings gives out an award to each position on the Baseball field for both the American and National league. Winners are chosen for their “defensive excellence.” Want to know the winners of 1957? Check it out here.

Why was it trending? A timely announcement in the heat of the World Series.



A socially acceptable time everyday for dudes to post selfies. No dude is judged during this time for being a little vain. Born from a joke about “girltime” it’s been trending for months.

Why was it trending? Simply because it’s hilarious. Comedy always helps in getting a message, video or image out.

Mike McGee, Co-Founder of The Starter League: Sharing & Caring = Twitter Gold


Mike McGee, co-founder of The Starter League, a software school that gives students from all over the world a three month long opportunity to learn and network with the best Chicago developers and entrepreneurs, will be speaking Friday at SoMe’s October Insight event.

We love The Starter League for many reasons, but the fact that they launched and grew their business using Twitter especially warms our social media hearts.

Mike will reveal all his best social media tactics on Friday. But as a teaser to his talk, SoMe sat down with Mike for a quick chat on the Mac Classic, DJing, and the best question a student has ever asked.

SoMe: What is your earliest memory of working with computers?

Mike McGee: I remember when my dad got us a Mac Classic computer. It was pretty awesome at the time, but my iPhone is like 5,000x more powerful than it now. And that actually might be an understatement. I don’t remember much else about it besides that fact that I played a lot of Tetris on it.

SM: Many people are intimidated by coding. What’s the secret to getting people comfortable with the subject?

MM: There are things in our lives that come easy or hard to us. When you think about the things you can do now that were initially hard, think back on how that happened. For me, I got good at coding because I worked hard and was really passionate about getting to a level of proficiency.

You can apply this thinking to coding. It’s not easy to learn, but it’s easier than you think. The best way to get to that level of proficiency is to have a website or web app that you want to make real. The desire to make something real will help you learn how to code.

SM: I know Twitter has played a huge role in growing The Starter League. What’s one thing people get wrong when trying to grow their brand on Twitter?

MM: It’s important to share your story, but that can’t be 100% of what you do with social media. What we love way more than sharing our story is sharing the successes of our current students, alumni, and friends.

So basically, share and care about others instead of yourself.

SM: How do you start your day?

MM: I’m a morning person, so I wake up between 4:30-5:15 AM (usually closer to 5:15 AM) and go through some emails. After that, I go play basketball and workout at a local gym, then come back and make breakfast. Then I go to sleep because I’m still really tired (just kidding); I go into The Starter League HQ and get more work done.

SM: What is the best question a student has ever asked you?

MM: “I’m having problems with my code, can you help?” Since I help run a coding and design school, this obviously comes up a lot. The reason why I chose this question is because when a student asks this question we as staff or mentors don’t just give them the answer, instead we teach them how to troubleshoot for the answer themselves. We do this because when they leave our school, we are not going to be around every time they run into a problem, so the most important skill we teach is how to troubleshoot problems.

SM: What’s one skill you’d still like to learn?

MM: I’m very passionate about music so one of my early dream jobs was to be a music producer. I also would love to become a DJ because my dad was a DJ (my mom is pretty good too at a party) so I want to follow in their footsteps one day.

SM: What’s one thing that never fails to motivate you?

MM: Since I’m a morning person I have always loved this quote by the designer and overall badass James Victore:

“We’re like the army. We get more work done by 9am than most people do in a full day.”

My world is quiet in the morning and gives me the best time to get work done, so I like to take advantage of it.

Don’t miss Mike’s Insight talk about growing a brand on social this Friday, October 25 at Bin36 Wine Bar. Enjoy a delicious meal and network with industry professionals. Tickets are going fast, register through Eventbrite today!