Trends on Trends on Twitter

Posted on October 29, 2014

As you’re thumbing down your Twitter stream do you find yourself asking, “what is this random hashtag that keeps popping up”? Or do you look down at the trending topics on Twitter and ask “Why on earth would that hashtag possibly be trending?”

We do too.

That’s why we’ve taken some of the trending hashtags and topics of last week and given context behind the hype to help you understand what’s trending and give insights to tactics that may be helpful in getting your own hashtag trending.



One Direction Fan? Then you already know about this hashtag and it’s promise to give you a chance to win tickets to see them in concert. Official rules found here. With 21 Million followers and sponsorship from Live Nation, this young boys band has no problem in getting a hashtag to trend.

Why was it trending? With 21 million followers, it’s no surprise that with the announcement of their 2015 lineup, this London-based pop band gets a lot of traction, quickly.



Handle @WiseBread offers a weekly TweetChat covering various personal finance topics. To help entice participation, each week a handle is selected out of the group that RSVP’d for the chat and given an Amazon gift card.

This week’s topic that trended: retirement. Hence the hashtag name.

Why was it trending? When you get a large group of people together to talk about one topic with a specified hashtag, it tends to gain attention. To gain a large following, it helped to have giveaways to participants.

Gold Glove


Baseball fan? Great, then you were probably tweeting about the Gold Glove nominations of 2014.

Not a fan? Well, it’s an annual award presented by Rawlings, a sports equipment manufacturing company. Each year Rawlings gives out an award to each position on the Baseball field for both the American and National league. Winners are chosen for their “defensive excellence.” Want to know the winners of 1957? Check it out here.

Why was it trending? A timely announcement in the heat of the World Series.



A socially acceptable time everyday for dudes to post selfies. No dude is judged during this time for being a little vain. Born from a joke about “girltime” it’s been trending for months.

Why was it trending? Simply because it’s hilarious. Comedy always helps in getting a message, video or image out.