Unfollowers: Curse or Opportunity?

Posted on July 10, 2012

It can be hard to see your business or personal handle on Twitter lose followers. “Unfollowers” bring dreaded decreases in follower totals and can bring back horrible memories of getting picked last in gym class. Although you may want to shut your eyes and ignore the numbers, there’s value to be gained by tracking unfollowers- and there are numerous websites that will do the job for you. Here are a few pieces of information that can be gleaned from using an unfollower service:

On what day did I lose more followers? What sirt of mistake did i make to caise a loss in popularity?

What type of people are unfollowing me? Do i care if they’re following me?

Who are the relevant people I’m losing?

What is the general demographic of my unfollowers?

Once you know who you’ve lost, you have an opportunity to reach out your hand. Send a DM or e-mail to a relevant unfollower to figure out where you went wrong; sometimes a message like this could lead to a healthier relationship than you had with the person or business originally.

You can find a list of unfollower services with their prominent features below. Leave some feedback if you’ve tried any of them, or if you’re still a little confused how they work.




• Free for 1 account.
• Paid subscription for multiple accounts.
• Weekly e-mail alerts.
• Simple layout, not bogged down with extra features.




• Promotional tweet to unlock “unfollower”
• feature.
• Free multiple accounts manager.
• Many features, including non-followers, fans, who followed me, inactive following, friend check, and others.



  • Works for Instagram too
  • Helps you get followers back instead of just track unfollows
  • Has managed services for brands that can extend capabilities
  • Offers paid plans only




• Free
• Weekly alerts that show who followed you and who unfollowed you
• No online interface



• Free for 1 account that shows raw unfollow numbers.
• Paid subscriptions show analytics, multiple account management, unfollower details, as well as other rich features.
• Smooth layout, trusted by almost 1,000,000 users.

Goodbye, Buddy!


• Free, but must follow @goodbyebuddy to activate.
• Analytics, but only tracks 30 unfollower profiles.
• Spotty success, sometimes does not catch all unfollowers.

Who Unfollowed Me


• Free, but does not collect total unfollowers, instead gives update at login.
• Provides profile details of unfollowers.
• Paid subscription aggregates unfollowers over time.

mr. unfollowr

• Free
• Follow the twitter account and receive DMs or e-mails every time you lose a follower.
• No online interface.
• Premium membership available for quicker notifications.