• Madhavi Rao
    Madhavi Rao
    Owner and Founder

    Ever wonder how an Emory University Bachelor and Master of Public Health ends up founding a Digital Marketing Agency? Ask Madhavi Rao, Founder and Owner of SoMe Connect. Unconventional? Maybe. Successful? Definitely. Like herself, Madh has built a team of marketers with a variety of background experience that delivers results through creativity and collaboration. Madh has grown SoMe from a strictly social media agency to a dynamic full-service digital marketing group racking up accolades locally and nationally—including Chief Marketer’s “Top 50 B2B Marketing Agencies,” CLUTCH’s “Top SEO Firms in Chicago,” and UpCity’s “Top Marketing Agencies in the US.”

  • Abbie Ginther
    Abbie Ginther
    Director of Client Service

    If you’re a dog owner, you’re in luck, because you’re already on Abbie Ginther’s good side. When she’s not petting pooches, she’s leading the SoMe team in every effort to help clients reach their goals. She brings PR and communication experience from Healthbox, a former Sandbox Industries portfolio company, and one of the first healthcare accelerators in the industry. Her leadership landed her client’s work in many high-profile publications nationwide, and earned her the Pioneer Outstanding Achievement Award from Pioneer HiBred, a DuPont company. Abbie is a graduate of both the Emerging Leaders Program and the University of Iowa.

  • Alex Kocoj
    Alex Kocoj
    Director of Operations

    Everything it takes to keep the train up and running falls into Alexandra Kocoj (pronounced co-sigh)’s camp. Her background in financial consulting at Deloitte prepared her for managing finances, risk, resourcing, operational organization, and process creation at SoMe. This 5-year SoMe veteran is an inspiration for women everywhere—serving as a council member in the Chicago Foundation for Women, speaking as a panel member at her alma mater DePaul University’s Women Leading in Business event, participating in the Emerging Leaders Program, and generally just killin’ it.

Who We Are

Our name, SoMe Connect, stems from our Social Media roots. But today, we’re So much more than that.

We’re So Strategic.

So Quantitative.

So Creative.

So Collaborative.

And we’d So like to Meet you.

We’re a group of forward thinkers with different backgrounds working towards the same goal: helping you succeed. As a close-knit digital agency, we have the ability to adapt our work based on performance to ensure you’re getting the best results possible. It’s inspiring creative, backed by data and insights. So you can be sure your marketing will connect with your target audience, help you reach your goals, and continuously drive results. Because when right and left-brained people come together, it’s a beautiful thing.